Boyish Hair: The Must Have Style of 2017

Super straight hair and Bardot fringe’s also the ‘must have’ style alongside boyish hair according to Elle magazine

Boyish Hair blog post image by Ruslan Sitarchuk (via Shutterstock).

Hairstyles Image by Ruslan Sitarchuk.


Ever wondered what this year’s must-have hairstyle? According to Elle magazine, the arbiters of taste have stated what 2017’s ‘must-have’ hairstyle is. Boyish hair is the in thing. It has been hailed by the iconic magazine’s website as the best look for “those with angular facial features”.

After boyish hair, curl-styling faux perms is next in their countdown. A 1980s look could be created by means of a triple barrelled styling tong. In the piece, this has been hailed as the next big thing by Alex Brownsell, head of the Bleach London salon.

Colouring and embellishment remain evergreen trends alongside boyish hair. Embellishment came in third place within their rundown with green hair, glow in the dark or neon hair, and conflicting colours in eighth, tenth, and twelfth place respectively.

As always, in the hairdressing world, you cannot knock the classic styles. In fifth place is the Bardot style fringe, with the Modern style Bob cut in seventh place. In tenth place is the mullet; a hairstyle that some people would have thought belonged to the 1980s. And stayed there, along with Black Lace’s Agadoo. As for green hair, that takes a few of us back to the 1980s. Especially with Grotbags (on Rod Hull and Emu’s show).

Elle’s Must-Have Hairstyles of 2017:

  1. Boyish Hair;
  2. Curl Styling Faux Perms;
  3. Extra embellishment;
  4. Super straight;
  5. The Bardot fringe;
  6. Pony tails;
  7. The Modern Bob;
  8. Green hair;
  9. MOMU Modern Mullet;
  10. Neon/glow in the dark hair;
  11. ‘Actual’ natural hair;
  12. Conflicting colours;
  13. Contour colouring;
  14. Hair exfoliation;
  15. ‘No haircut’ haircuts;
  16. Balayage.

Passion Hair and Beauty, 29 March 2017.

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