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2018 Female Hair Trends: The Top 5 Hair Styles So Far

Net66 : April 17, 2018 8:23 am : beauty-blog, hairdressing


Fashion and beauty trends keep shifting and every season brings something unique. In 2018, there has been a lot of focus on new hair styles as well a rebirth of styles from the ‘80s and ‘90s, and the trend has laid emphasis on individuality and using the natural texture of the hair to send a message. A new style will help you to reset your entire look, so it’s a good idea to borrow from the hottest trends of 2018. Here are the 2018 female hair trends you should know about. more »

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Hairdressing Terms To Know About

Net66 : March 27, 2018 7:56 am : beauty-blog, hairdressing
Many are the times you get into a hairdresser’s room, and you find no right words to explain what you want. In such instance, you get to use a wordy explanation for the hairdresser. Fortunately, reputable hairdressers significantly get to understand your information and try to give a similar output or a closer result to your expectation. more »
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Child Friendly Hairdressing

Net66 : June 20, 2017 1:51 pm : beauty-blog, hairdressing

A look at how Little BigHeads is making waves in child friendly hairdressing

Child friendly hairdressing image by Rob Hainer (via Shutterstock).

Little BigHeads: Child friendly hairdressing with child friendly salons. Image by Rob Hainer (via Shutterstock).

Little BigHeads, not to be confused with ITV’s programme hosted by Jason Manford, is turning a few heads in North East Cheshire. They are a small chain of hairdressers with a difference, with shops in Wilmslow, Bramhall, and Altrincham. The difference? Child friendly hairdressing, with all three of their shops designed with kid appeal in mind.

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Autism Friendly Hairdressing

Net66 : May 31, 2017 2:43 pm : beauty-blog, hairdressing

A look at how hairdressing and a trip to the salon has become a more autism friendly experience for some people

Autism bus boy image by Marozau Andrei (via Shutterstock).

Autism bus boy image by Marozau Andrei (via Shutterstock).


If you have an autism spectrum condition yourself (or know somebody who has autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and the like), going to the hairdressers can be distressing. There is a multitude of potential sensory issues you might face. Not only in the salon itself, but also the journey. more »

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Famous Mullet Wearers Through the Ages

Net66 : April 26, 2017 10:00 am : beauty-blog

A light hearted look at celebrities with the much-maligned mullet hairstyle

Paul and Linda McCartney Mullet. Image by I, Corwin (Creative Commons License: Attribution).

Paul and Linda McCartney. Image by I, Corwin (Creative Commons License: Attribution).


“Eyes that freeze like ice, cold electric blue those diamond lights…” – who’d have thought it was 30 years ago when two Tottenham Hotspur players (Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle) broke into the charts? Back in 1987, the mulleted footballers hit the UK singles chart with Diamond Lights. You could safely say we reached Peak Mullet that year.

Or did we? Paul McCartney’s mullet (as seen in the photo above) dates from 1974. Rod Stewart has had one from the 1970s onwards. For many of us, the quintessential 1980s version of the hairdo belonged to Pat Sharp.

During the mid 1980s, Pat Sharp was noted for two positions: his role as a BBC Radio One DJ; and as presenter as Fun House. Yes, Friday afternoons after school meant an anarchic mixture of messiness, go kart racing, and a shedload of prizes. The perfect answer to being cooped up in the classroom.

In the same decade, the mullet was the hairstyle of choice for footballers. As well as Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle, the look was copied by other footballers from the Football League First Division down to the Northern Counties East League. How could we forget Roberto Baggio in the early 1990s? Barry Venison? Rudi Voller? If you look on the Who Ate All The Pies? website, here’s some cracking examples.

Musicians with mullets? Well, apart from Rod Stewart and Paul McCartney, how can we forget Limahl, the lead singer of Kajagoogoo? Also Billy Ray Cyrus. What about David Bowie’s? The late singer-songwriter looked like a 1980s Cilla Black in his. David Hasselhoff: what did KITT think about his hairdo? As for captains of industry, Tim Martin, owner of the J.D. Wetherspoon pub chain is a proud mullet wearer.

Today, the mullet hairstyle is much maligned. It is seen as a relic of the 1980s like video shops and ZX Spectrum computers. Contrary to popular belief, the hairstyle dates from the 6th century, when it was worn by The Huns in Eastern Europe. Should it have stayed in the ‘80s, or is there still a future for the mullet? Feel free to comment.

Passion Hair and Beauty, 26 April 2017.

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93-Year-Old Hairdresser Retires

Net66 : April 24, 2017 11:42 am : beauty-blog

Portsmouth hairdresser retires after 72 years

Maison Drayton salon (from Google Street View).

Maison Drayton salon (from Google Street View).


221,040 haircuts and 72 years later, Portsmouth hairdresser Kathleen Privett has hung up her scissors for the last time. Since 1962, she ran what was deemed to be the oldest hairdressing salon in Portsmouth. more »

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Boyish Hair: The Must Have Style of 2017

Net66 : March 29, 2017 10:00 am : beauty-blog

Super straight hair and Bardot fringe’s also the ‘must have’ style alongside boyish hair according to Elle magazine

Boyish Hair blog post image by Ruslan Sitarchuk (via Shutterstock).

Hairstyles Image by Ruslan Sitarchuk.


Ever wondered what this year’s must-have hairstyle? According to Elle magazine, the arbiters of taste have stated what 2017’s ‘must-have’ hairstyle is. Boyish hair is the in thing. It has been hailed by the iconic magazine’s website as the best look for “those with angular facial features”.

more »

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Hairdressing and a Role in Mental Health

Net66 : March 27, 2017 9:19 am : beauty-blog

How a Torquay hairdressing salon doubles as a safe space for people with mental health issues

Family Barbershop

As seen in a Chicago hairdressing salon, the barber’s shop offers a non-confrontational environment, which enables some customers to open up. Image by Aurimas (Creative Commons License: Some Rights Reserved)

Fact: men are more likely to call into an hairdressing salon than their doctor’s surgery. When you’re having your hair cut or styled, you are (nine times out of ten) likely to break into conversation with the stylist. You may talk about trivial things like football or your next holiday.

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From Loo to Shampoo at a New Salon

Net66 : February 28, 2017 12:57 pm : beauty-blog

How a new hairdressing salon rose from the ashes of a disused toilet in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

Over fifty years ago, Tib Street in Manchester was noted for its pet shops. Today, it is noted for its hairdressing salons. Many stylists have chosen to set up in this part of the Northern Quarter. One of them is Melissa Timperley from Wardle, near Rochdale. She set up her hairdressing salon on the site of… public toilets.

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Latest Styles

Net66 : April 20, 2012 2:33 pm : beauty-blog

Not every hairstyle trend should be followed, case in point are these four looks!

Shine On

Shiny strands will automatically make your hair look healthy and gorgeous, which will make your hair color stand out. Stock up on shine sprays or serums and add them to your locks when you want to put the spotlight on your hair colour. Dark hair, such as brunette hues and those with black hair will benefit the most.

Hair Product Power

To enhance your existing colour, invest in hair products designed to boost your hair color. Look for shampoos and conditioners and other hair products that work with the tones in your hair to make them stand out.

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